Multifunctional Home Training Equipment

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Color:  Black


Multifunctional three-in-one training board 
High-definition large-screen intelligent counting
Plank/push-ups/pull rope

Reasons 6 Advantages of Push Up Planks

Multi-functional three-in-one
Multiple non-slip base
Intelligent timing and counting
Grip Flexible Gauntlets
thickened elbow pads
Storage at the bottom of the handle

Adjustable plank accommodates a variety of body types

Correct exercise posture and shape upper body muscle curve

Three major training modes help you reach the designated position in one step

Exercise body coordination and strengthen the transverse abdominis
Plank side knee raise
Exercise waist and abdomen, legs and other deep muscles
push ups
Exercise the muscles of the whole body and strengthen the core ability

multifunctional tension rope

Auxiliary training to accelerate muscle gain
A variety of exercise methods to accelerate muscle growth

variety of exercise positions

Real-time counting sensor intelligently controls the amount of exercise

Real-time data monitoring, regular and efficient movement
Free counting/timing/counting

Flexible rubberized anti-slip and anti-sweat handle

The rubberized non-slip handle is comfortable to hold and does not cause cocoons

Multiple non-slip pads provide strong grip without slipping

Strong gripping foot pads prevent accidental slipping and ensure training quality

Hidden handle storage

Beautiful and convenient back storage

Thick non-slip elbow pads protect your elbow joints

Soft and comfortable to exercise more safely

Watching drama while exercising, both fun and exercise

Exclusive "Personal Training Efficiently Shapes Your Body"

Black and white variations, multiple color options

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